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Antiviral Testing for your Products
Industry leaders in Testing for textiles, coating, plastics, surface disinfectants
SARS-CoV-2 Testing
One of the few labs in world that can test your product efficacy against SARS-CoV-2. Industry we serve textiles, coating, plastics, surface disinfectants.
Antibacterial Testing for your products
Industry leaders in testing for textiles, coating, plastics, surface disinfectants

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We specialize in antibacterial and antiviral testing on treated textiles, plastics, coatings and surface disinfectants. This focused approach allows us to provide the best value for your product development projects. 

Anitibacterial Testing
Antibacterial testing

Determination of Antibacterial activity of samples, intermediates, and finished Products

Anitviral testing
Antiviral testing

Determination of Antiviral activity of samples, intermediates and finished Products

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"We have been delighted with the services of MIS. They have provided us with detailed, robust antimicrobial testing for our cotton and wool (treated with HeiQ Viroblock) on several occasions. Their turnaround time typically exceeds our expectations and we consider them a trusted partner."

— Frederick Lawson, Cornelia James COO

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Antiviral Testing

Microbe Investigations Switzerland (MIS), is one of the few labs in the world to provide anti viral efficacy testing for your products. We test as per the below test methods:


At MIS, we offer a wide range of tests for the antibacterial evaluation of products primarily for treated textiles, plastics, coatings, and surface disinfectants. Commonly performed anti-bacterial tests include ASTM E2149, AATCC 100, JIS Z 2801, JISL1902, EN 1276, ISO 22196, ISO 20743, ISO 846, ASTM E2180, ASTM G29, ASTM D7907-14,  ASTM E3031, AATCC-147, and AATCC 30.

At MIS, commonly performed anti-viral tests include ISO 21702, ISO 18184, EN 14476, and JISL 1922.