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We provide a comprehensive lists of integrated and collaborative lifescience related testing services for a broad range of industries and their products. Our testing services include entomology, bioanalytical and physico-chemical analysis for insecticides, pesticides, agrochemicals, textiles, disinfectants and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Lab trials / Field trials of Liquid vaporizers, coils, aerosols, R&D formulations, etc
  • Instruments testing or fabric testing for applications
  • Larvae control in real locations
  • Efficacy testing against houseflies, whitefly, mosquitoes, and rodents
  • Arm in cage (Hand in cage) for mosquito repellent products
  • Bioefficacy against flying and crawling insects as per WHO protocol
  1. Tunnel test
  2. Olfactometer Test 
  3. Tick Repellent Test 
  • Persistence on different types of surfaces painted or unpainted, polished or raw, etc
  • LC50 and LC90 on target larvae and potency in comparison to a reference or control
  • Concentration of active ingredient in air (peet grady chambers) 
  1. Room test 
  • Efficacy and persistency of active ingredient impregnated bed nets, fabric or other materials as per WHO protocol


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