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Antiviral Testing Services

Efficacy testing of antiviral products/formulations is performed to ensure that the active agents used in product formulation can kill targeted viruses.

Having encountered many pandemics in the past the most recent one due to the Coronavirus, there is a significant rise in public health concerns globally. As a result of this, consumers are showing great interest in using products that ensure protection from viral infections. The utility of antiviral products covers a broad range of applications including the healthcare sector, daily apparel, household clothing, the hospitality industry, and much more. Therefore, testing is a critical step for antiviral product development companies/manufacturers to undergo to provide high-quality products.

Antiviral testing laboratories play a critical role in monitoring and assessment of products that
claim to protect against viral pathogens.

At MIS, we have a well-equipped and established lab along with trained scientists to robustly carry out any research activity and antiviral efficacy testing according to ASTM, EN, ISO, EN standard guidelines. We have extensive expertise in diverse research projects ranging from vaccine development to drug discovery and mode of action studies. Our array of antiviral testing services includes textile efficacy testing, disinfectant efficacy testing, and plastics/coating efficacy testing.

Some of the popular tests that we perform as an antiviral testing service for different industries are –

  • ISO 21702 : 2019 – Determination of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces
  • EN 14476 : 2013 + A2 : 2019 – Determination of the virucidal activity of disinfectant or antiseptics used in medical areas.
  • EN 14675 : 2015 – Determination of virucidal activity of disinfectant or antiseptics used in veterinary areas.
  • EN 13610 : 2002 – Determination of virucidal activity of disinfectant against bacteriophages used in food, industrial, and domestic areas
  • EN 16777 : 2018 – Evaluation of the virucidal activity of disinfectant used in the medical area.
  • EN 17111 : 2018 – Evaluation of the virucidal activity of medical instrument disinfectants
  • EN 17122 : 2019 – Evaluation of the virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants or antiseptics used in veterinary areas.
  • ASTM E1053 : 2020 – Test method for assessing virucidal activity of chemicals used for disinfection of inanimate, non-porous environmental surfaces.
  • ASTM E1838 : 2017 – Evaluation of virus-eliminating efficacy of hygienic handwash and handrub Agent

At MIS, we provide analytical support to companies dedicated to the development and innovation of products aimed at preventing and controlling viral infections. We meticulously conduct research and design comprehensive testing processes to ensure the product efficacy and compliance needs of client products.

Our antiviral testing services are undertaken by a highly experienced team of professionals who leave no stone unturned to ensure clients have the best experience with us.

We utilize the best-in-class tools and technology to deliver reliable, accurate, and timely services to our clients.

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