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Y-Tube Olfactometer Test for Mosquito Repellents & Attractants

Olfactometer test is carried out to evaluate the behaviour or responses of mosquitos to volatile stimuli under specific laboratory conditions. 

It usually happens that mosquitoes bite some people more than others. Few specific factors such as body odor, temperature, and blood group are known to influence the mosquitoes’ biting behaviors. 

Not all but many times, mosquitos bites are not just the irritable rash or itchy skin that fades away and forgotten. Shockingly, mosquitos are the major carriers of many dangerous viruses and parasite infections that can even lead to the incidence of mortality across the globe.

Fortunately, mosquito repellent and attractant products can help to reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes to a greater extent. To know whether these anti-mosquito materials really work to provide protection against mosquitoes, Olfactometer test is performed.

Infographics of Olfactometer Test

Y-tube Olfactometer Test Procedure 

To perform Olfactometer test, clean air is released through the one arm of the Y tube olfactometer and odor loaded air through the other arm. The female mosquitoes are released into the base tube of the olfactometer. The time is recorded until the mosquitos reach the end of any arm of the Y olfactometer. If a mosquito does not make any choice within the 3 minutes, it is considered a no-choice. 

(This is done prior to start the test to check mosquito behavior towards the attractant and repellent activity of mosquito) 

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Olfactometer test is a procedure used in entomology to determine the behavioral responses of mosquitos towards mosquito repellents and attractants.

Olfactometer test is applicable for both mosquito repellents & attractants products (creams, lotions, and spray formulations) and insecticide treated textiles.

Turnaround time for the Olfactometer test is 3-4 weeks.

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