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Tick Repellent Test


Tick Repellent test is used for the evaluation of ticks repellent formulations in preventing tick bites.

Like insects, ticks can also cause allergic reactions and many infectious diseases like lyme disease or spotted fever. Therefore, tick repellent products are developed to keep the tick away and reduce the risk of contracting any tick borne diseases.

It is not necessary that all available repellent products will be capable of providing the same levels of safety against ticks. Before tick repellent can be marketed, it is evaluated for its effectiveness by using test procedures like tick repellent testing.

Tick Repellent Test Requirements 

Swiss albino Mouse (Mus musculus) is the heat source for the tick as an attractant. Untreated (without repellent) and treated fabric (with repellent) are compared to evaluate the number of ticks attracted towards the mouse.

Technique: Mouse feed method

Species: Ixodes ricinus

Infographics of Ticks Repellent Test

Tick Repellent Test Procedure

  • The  untreated fabric (control) and treated fabric are tested.
  • The mouse as the heat source to attract the ticks is placed under the fabric.
  • The 10 numbers of ticks are placed on the fabric.
  • The number of ticks repelled (move away from the fabric) at each time interval are recorded.
  • Repellence is evaluated by counting the number of ticks on treated versus non-treated (control).

Assessment Frequency: Number of ticks repelled at each time interval in 30 minutes. Such as 0-10 minutes, 10-20 minutes and 20-30 minutes.

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Ticks Repellent test is used to observe the efficacy of the tick repellent products against the ticks.

Products such as textile, cream, spray, shampoo, etc are evaluated for ticks repellency efficacy.

Turnaround time for Tick Repellent test is 3-4 weeks.

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