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Peet-Grady Chamber Test

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Peet-Grady Chamber Test

The Peet-Grady test chamber is employed to assess the efficacy of insecticide products that are intended for indoor use. This test is primarily applicable for coils, vaporizer mats, liquid vaporizers, ambient emanators, and aerosols.

Peet Grady Chamber specifications

The Peet Grady chamber has all internal wall panels measuring 180 × 180 × 180 cm. The chamber is designed using polished stainless steel because it is non-reactive to the chemicals being tested and easy cleaning of insecticide or solvent residues.

A compact chamber with a tight-fitting entrance door of size 165 x 90 cm is fixed to one of the side walls. Inside the chamber, a fluorescent light and an exhaust fan are inserted in the ceiling to clear out insecticide vapor after the test.

Additionally, four hooks are placed on the ceiling about 20 cm away from the side walls for hanging test cages. To ensure air circulation, a 30-cm diameter fan is positioned on the chamber floor, facing upward.

The chamber design also includes two glass observation windows and four mosquito introduction/ utility windows on each of the side walls. These windows help in the easy entry of insects into the chamber and observing the count of insects that are knocked down during the test period.

Importance of Peet Grady Chamber test

Insect-borne diseases pose significant challenges to public health worldwide. Additionally, the emergence of insecticide resistance is another challenging concern as insects are less susceptible to currently available vector control measures and insecticides/biocides. Hence, it is important to develop stringent and standardized approaches for determining the effectiveness of new active ingredients or formulations before market release for effective eradication of insects and vector disease control.

Peet-Grady chamber test plays a valuable role in ensuring the efficacy of insecticide products.

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