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ASTM D5589 Test

Algal Defacement Test for Paint Films & Coatings

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ASTM D5589 : 2009 Standard for Determining the of resistance of paint films and related Coatings to Algal defacement

ASTM D5589 describes the test method to assess durability of paint films and coatings to algal defacement. Algal defacement is mainly attributed to environmental factors like temperature fluctuations, moisture changes, and the composition of the coatings itself. ASTM D5589 helps in the evaluation of relative performance of paint films and coating under a given set of conditions.

The anti-algal resistance of the coating sample is evaluated on a test substrate. A thin, even coating of samples is applied to the test substrate, and it is allowed to dry out for specific time periods before testing.

Procedure of ASTM D5589 Test Method

ASTM D5589 Test Method

  • Coating samples to be tested are placed in the center of solidified Allen’s agar plates.
  • Using a  sterile atomizer or chromatography sprayer,  a thin coat of algae suspension is sprayed onto each specimen, ensuring the proper coverage of surface without oversaturating it.
  • Inoculated plates are transferred  to an incubator with a constant fluorescent light source, and  other parameters such as humidity ≥ 85 % and temperature of 25 ± 2°C. A cycle of 14 hours of light followed by 10 hours of darkness is conducive for growth of the algae.
  • Plates are examined weekly for Algae growth. 
  • Weekly Algae growth on specimen is assessed over a three-week period, and the ratings are as follows:

Evaluation of Algae growth after three weeks (Results)

Observed Growth on Specimens 




Traces of growth (<10 %)  


Light growth (10–30 %)  


Moderate growth (30–60 %)  


Heavy growth (60 % to complete coverage) 


Importance of ASTM D5589 Test

Paint film and coatings are susceptible to algal defacement under specific conditions that offer a favorable substrate for algal growth. Various elements such as environmental factors, lighting, temperature, and substrate composition play crucial roles in facilitating algal colonization. Consequently, this results in undesirable discoloration, reduced aesthetic appeal, and even the potential deterioration of the film or coating over time.

To address this concern, ASTM D5589 method has been developed for the purpose of assessing the resistance of paint or coating films to algae growth within controlled laboratory environments.

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ASTM D5589 test is designed to evaluate the resistance of paint films and coating materials to Algae defacement under certain set of conditions.

ASTM D5589 test is applicable to paint films and coatings materials.

ASTM D5589 test takes 4-5 weeks to complete.

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