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Testing of impregnated or coated wipes and masks – Cosmetics

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ISO 21322 : 2020 – Testing of Impregnated or Coated Wipes and Masks

ISO 21322 outlines microbiological risk assessment for impregnated cosmetic products including wipes and masks etc. Such products are impregnated or pre – moistened with cosmetic ingredients and intended for use on the skin, face, or other body parts.

ISO 21322 standard outlines the guideline and test requirements for detection of microbial contaminants in impregnated cosmetic products. Test samples are analyzed to determine the population of viable microorganisms by enumeration of colonies on a non-selective agar medium. Subsequently, testing for specified microorganisms is done by media enrichment.

Test Process of ISO 21322

ISO 21322 Test Method

  • The sample material weighing at least 1 g is selected for testing. If the weight of one unit is less than 1 g, The test sample can be either the entire unit, or multiple units.
  • In the next step, test samples are immersed in the diluent.
  • After immersion, test samples are subjected to any of these techniques: stomaching, shaking/stirring or vortexing in order to separate the microorganisms from the test sample. The frequency and the speed of shaking/stirring are then recorded.
  • Pour plate method is used for the enumeration of aerobic mesophilic microorganisms (includes bacteria, yeasts, and molds).
  • Diluent is divided into two parts – one part for enumeration of yeasts and molds, and the other part for bacterial enumeration.

Importance of ISO 21322 Test

Microorganisms can find their way into cosmetic products due to the lack of hygiene practices during manufacturing, packaging, or storage. Thereby, microbiology testing for impregnated or coated cosmetic materials (wipes and masks) is an essential part of the quality control and assurance process to provide safe and quality products to consumers.

ISO 21322 test outlines an enumeration method for identifying any potential sources of microbial contamination. This helps manufacturers with right product development.

At our facilities, we employ state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to offer testing services for a diverse range of cosmetic products. From impregnated/coated wipes and masks to lotion /creams to makeup products, we’ve got you covered. Our cosmetic testing services are strictly adhered to industry standards and regulations.

In addition to the ISO 21322 test method, ISO 21150 and ISO 21149 are frequently performed test methods in our labs. 

Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to maintain the utmost accuracy in every aspect of our testing processes. To get a quote on ISO 21322 testing, contact our experts here.


ISO 21322 test provides microbiological risk analysis for wipes and coated masks which are pre-moistened with cosmetic ingredients. This test aims to ensure the product is free of microbial contamination, ensuring its safety for consumers.

ISO 21322 test method is applicable for cosmetic products including impregnated or coated wipes and masks. Furthermore, this method can be employed for microbiological evaluation of similar products by modifying procedures as necessary.

ISO 21322 test can take 3-4 weeks to complete.

For ISO 21322 testing, we customize our clients testing needs by accommodating specific stain requests. To know, check out our microbial strain library.

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