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ISO 17299-3

Determines the Deodorant Property of Textile Products

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ISO 17299 – 3 (Gas Chromatography Test Method for the Deodorant Testing of Textile Products)

ISO 17299-3 specifies a gas chromatography testing method to determine the deodorant property of textile products.

Getting rid of the unpleasant and peculiar odor from clothes is a common and perhaps challenging problem for many individuals. Primarily, bacteria, grime, sweat, and humid conditions give rise to this unpleasant odor. The fact here to understand is that the fabric of cloth plays a big role in masking or releasing bad odors. 

With continuous research and technological advancements, textile products are being developed that have the ability to reduce the unpleasant odors deposited on clothes either by sweat or other environmental factors. And to evaluate the deodorant properties of such clothes, test methods have been developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). 

Products to be tested with ISO 17299-3 Test

ISO 17299-3 test method is applicable for following textile products  –

  • woven fabric,
  • knit, 
  • nonwoven,
  • yarns, 
  • braiding products,
  • tapes, and
  • slings.

ISO 17299-3 Test Methods

ISO 17299-3 test has two different preparation methods i.e. method A and method B. 

Method A – An odor chemical is added to a container with the specimen, avoiding direct contact with the specimen. Here each chemical is tested individually.

Method B An odor chemical is injected directly onto the specimen in a container. Here a mixture of chemicals (acetic acid and sodium chloride, NaCl) is tested together.

ISO 17299-3A Test Procedure

iso 17299-3 test method

At Microbe Investigations, we use method A for the odor testing of textile products – 

  • This test is carried out in 6 conical flasks with a capacity of 500 ml.
  • 3 conical flasks are used for testing (with a specimen) and 3 conical flasks are used as a control test (without a specimen).
  • Purge the air of the conical flask by blowing 1000 ml of nitrogen gas. 
  • The test specimen flasks and the blank/control flasks are sealed with a sealing film.
  • Odor component chemical solutions (Indole, Isovaleric acid (98% purity), and Nonenal (95% purity) are prepared and tests are performed for each odor component chemical independently.
  • 5 microliter of odor component chemical solutions is injected through sealing film at the bottom of the conical flask while avoiding contact with the specimen. The same procedure is repeated for the control specimen as well.
  • Microsynigne holes are sealed with a sealing film.
  • Conical flasks are kept at a still position for 2 hours.
  • At the end of the contact time, flasks are shaken vigorously approximately 20 times for 20 seconds.
  • Testing gas is collected from both conical flasks (test and control) using a gastight syringe and is injected onto a gas chromatograph to determine the concentration of odor component chemicals.

At Microbe Investigations, we perform the tests for odor evaluation of textiles developed to neutralize the unpleasant odors caused by sweat, microbes and other impurities. Our lab is well equipped with modern equipment and instruments to ensure the accuracy of results.

We are continuously helping our customers to develop and launch high quality products. Contact us if you are looking for more information on odor testing test method.


ISO 17299-3 is a standard test method developed for the deodorant testing of all textile clothes. This method is applicable to the odor component chemicals, such as indole, isovaleric acid, nonenal, and a mixture of acetic acid and sodium chloride (NaCl).

ISO 17299-3 test method applies to the deodorant testing of all textile clothes such as woven fabric, knit, nonwoven, yarns, braiding products, tapes, and slings.

The turnaround time for ISO 17299-3A test is 2-3 weeks.

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