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Hand Sanitizer Testing

Hand sanitizer testing helps manufacturers to ensure that their marketable products meet defined standards for microbicidal efficacy and public safety.

Hand sanitizer, alternatively referred to as hand antiseptic or handrub. It is a foam or gel-based product designed to effectively eliminate potential pathogens on the skin of hands. Hand sanitizer products fall under the category of biocidal products, hence, products containing biocidal agents are evaluated for their efficacy and safety before they are marketed.

At MIS, we have a wide scope of tests for handrub formulations and other disinfectant products, encompassing analysis for antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal/yeasticidal efficacy. Within our state-of-the-art testing facilities, product samples are tested for their antimicrobial properties according to international standards such as ISO, EN, AOAC, and ASTME.

Frequently performed Hand Sanitizer Efficacy Test Methods At MIS

Test samples must comply with the microbiological limits set in test passing criteria of standards.

Antibacterial testing for hand sanitizers and disinfectants

  • EN 13727 – EN 13727 test method is designed to assess the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in the medical area. European Standard (EN) is applicable to a multitude of disinfectant products like hygienic hand rub, hygienic handwash, surgical handrub, surgical handwash, instrument disinfectants, and surface disinfectants.

Antiviral testing for hand sanitizers and disinfectants

  • EN 14476EN 14476 test method is a quantitative suspension test used for the evaluation of virucidal activity of sanitizers and disinfectants
  • ASTM E1838 –  ASTM E1838 standard outlines a test method to assess the effectiveness of handwash and hand rub products formulation in eliminating transient viruses from the skin.

Fungicidal or yeasticidal testing for hand sanitizers and disinfectants

  • EN 13624EN 13624 test standard is a quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of fungicidal or yeasticidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in the medical area. This EN standard is applicable for both hand hygiene products and surface disinfectants.

Hand Sanitizer Efficacy Testing Requirements

To carry out hand sanitizer efficacy testing, international standards specify general requirements and test conditions as an acceptance criteria. This ensures if a product sample is able to meet functionality criteria for its intended usage.   

Mandatory testing requirement may include –

  • Mandatory test microorganisms
  • Contact time
  • Test temperature
  • Interfering substance 
  • Log reduction value

Microorganisms used for Hand Sanitizer Testing at MIS

At MIS, we conduct hand sanitizer testing in accordance with mandatory test strains outlined in standard protocols . As part of our tailored services, customers have the flexibility to choose test strains based on their product types and intended use.

Bacterial strains

  • Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538P)
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae (ATCC 4352)
  • Escherichia coli (ATCC 8739)
  • Legionella spp. (ATCC 700511)
  • Salmonella enterica (ATCC 10708)
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442)
  • Enterococcus hirae (ATCC 10541)
  • MRSA (ATCC 3391)

Viral strains

  • Human adenoviruses (ATCC VR-5)
  • Vaccinia virus (ATCC VR-1549)
  • Betacoronavirus 1 (ATCC VR-1558)
  • Human coronavirus (ATCC VR-740)
  • Influenza A virus (H3N2) (ATCC VR-1679)
  • Influenza A virus (H1N1) (ATCC VR-1469)
  • Feline calicivirus (FCV) F-9 (US Patent strain)
  • Poliovirus Type 1 (Sabin) (LSc-2ab)
  • Murine norovirus (MNV) (S99)

Fungal and yeast strains

  • Aspergillus niger (ATCC 16888)
  • Penicillium funiculosum (ATCC 11797)
  • Chaetomium globosum (ATCC 6205)
  • Aureobasidium pullulans (ATCC 15233)
  • Candida auris (MYA5002)
  • Candida albicans (MTCC-3017)

Why trust MIS with your Hand Sanitizer Product Testing?

Our hand sanitizer testing lab is well equipped with the latest technology and equipment to analyze antimicrobial strength of formulations. We also offer a comprehensive range of testing for surface disinfectants and antiseptic products.

We believe in delivering first time right services to our clients. Our team experts monitor each and every step of testing analysis to ensure the accuracy of results.

Are you looking for hand sanitizer testing services? Contact us here for a thorough consultation from our experts.

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