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Explore AATCC Test Standards and their impact on textile quality assurance. Discover MIS’s expertise in offering precise testing solutions for antimicrobial performance in textiles. Contact us for comprehensive testing services!

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Different AATCC Test Standards and Their Requirements

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) is responsible for the development and publication of textile testing standards.

AATCC test standards are developed by committees comprised of experts from various sectors of the textile industry, including researchers, scientists, academics, and industry professionals. These committees work in collaboration to establish testing methods and standards that are widely used in the textile industry.

AATCC creates and updates the standards related to various aspects of quality and performance of textiles products, including colorfastness, antibacterial, physical testing, chemical analysis, and other features of textile performance.

AATCC Test Standards performed at MIS

  • AATCC 30( Part 3):2004 – AATCC 30 test method aims to determine the susceptibility of textile materials to mildew and rot.
  • AATCC 100:2019 – The AATCC 100 test method provides a quantitative procedure for assessment of antimicrobial finishes on textile materials.
  • AATCC 147:2004 – AATCC 147 test standard is a qualitative method to determine antibacterial activity of diffusible antimicrobial agents on treated textile materials.
  • AATCC 61:2013 – AATCC 61 is determined to evaluate the colorfastness to laundering of textiles intended to endure frequent laundering.

At MIS, we offer AATCC testing services perfectly curated to help clients assess the antibacterial performance of their textile materials.

With the help of our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, our team experts perform testing for a wide range of textiles including wadding, threads, bedclothes, material for clothes, home furnishings, etc. Furthermore, our microbiology experts provide all technical guidance on choosing the right standards based on product chemistry to ensure the reproducibility and reliability of our results.

For further information on selecting the most appropriate AATCC test for your product, contact our team of experts now.


AATCC has developed more than 200 textile-related standards, including test methods, evaluation procedures, and monographs.

AATCC stands for American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.

AATCC test standards are crucial for businesses in the textile and apparel industry as they provide a framework for quality assurance, performance, and compliance with industry requirements. This facilitates businesses to stay at the forefront of textile technology, directly impacting improved product development, customer satisfaction, and gaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Identifying applicable AATCC test standards requires a thorough understanding of your product’s unique requirements and properties.Visit the official AATCC website ( and navigate to the “Standards” section for a catalog of AATCC test methods and evaluation procedures, helping you find the specific standards relevant to your textiles.

AATCC test standards are typically voluntary for businesses. Awareness of industry expectations, customer requirements, and relevant regulations is essential for informed decisions about adopting and implementing AATCC test standards.

Businesses are required to obtain third-party certification to demonstrate compliance with AATCC test standards. This certification serves as a crucial mechanism to validate that company’s products or processes align with the stringent benchmarks set by AATCC.

The AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) is internationally recognized for its standard methods of testing textile products. However, adoption of AATCC test standards can vary by region and country.

Comprehensive information about specific AATCC test standards and their requirements can be found on the official AATCC website (

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