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Evaluation of Basic Sporicidal activity of Chemical Disinfectant

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BS EN 14347 : 2005 – Evaluation of Basic Sporicidal activity of Chemical Disinfectants and antiseptics (phase 1, step 1)

EN 14347 is phase 1, step 1 quantitative suspension to test the basic sporicidal activity of disinfectant formulations in the early stages of development.

This standard is applicable for products intended to be used in the areas/situations such as hospitals, veterinary areas, agricultural (no crop protection), institutional, domestic services, food hygiene and industrial settings.

EN 14347 Test Conditions & Requirement

  • Mandatory test microorganisms – Bacillus Subtilis (ATCC 6633) and Bacillus Cereus (ATCC 12826)
  • Test temperature 20 °C
  • Contact time –  30 mints, 60 mints, 120 mints
  • Passing criteria  Products must demonstrate  ≥ 4 log reduction in comparison to control sample
test process of EN 14347

EN 14347 Test Method

  • A test suspension of bacterial spores is added to the disinfectant sample and allowed to interact at 20 °C for a specified contact time 
  • After the contact time, an aliquot of mixture is transferred into a neutralizing solution to neutralize sporicidal activity.
  • Then neutralizing extract is plated and incubated for 4-7 days to allow proliferation of any remaining spores.
  • After incubation, viable cells are counted and results are compared to control samples.

Importance of EN 14347 Test

In Europe EN 14347 Test, phase 1, step 1 suspension test is a fundamental part of the registration process for disinfectants. This test is performed during the developmental stage of the product to demonstrate whether active ingredients used in product formulation possess their respective antimicrobial properties against bacteria, viruses, fungi, viruses.

Thereby, it is a prerequisite for manufacturers of chemical disinfectants and antiseptic products to meet all efficacy requirements for basic suspension (phase 1) as outlined in EN guidelines. EN 14347 test is designed to harmonise the manufacturing and performance of disinfectant formulations that are planned to be used in medical, veterinary, food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas. 

Need help with EN 14347 testing of your product samples, MIS team experts would be happy to serve you. We are a team of microbiology experts and specialists who are constantly betrothed in understanding customer needs and offering right solutions.

Through technical competence of our testing facilities, we also carry out phase 2 step 1, phase 2 step 2 tests for disinfectant/antiseptic formulations.

Along with EN 14347 (phase 1) testing, EN 14348 (phase 2, step 1) is the most frequently requested and performed test method at MIS.

For more detailed information about our disinfectant efficacy testing, contact our experts today.


EN 14347 test is a basic quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. To meet EN passing criteria, test product must demonstrate sporicidal efficacy against two obligatory microorganisms – Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Cereus.

EN 14347 test is applicable to chemical disinfectants and antiseptics which have sporicidal activity.

EN 14347 test takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

At Microbe Investigations, we test for EN 14347 using the following strains Bacillus Subtilis (ATCC 6633) and Bacillus Cereus (ATCC 12826). Additional strains can be added on client’s request.

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