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Evaluate Disinfectant Efficacy against Biofilm

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ASTM E2871-21  Test method for determining disinfectant efficacy against biofilm grown in the CDC biofilm reactor using the single tube method

ASTM E2871 describes the single tube method for assessing the efficacy of disinfectants against bacterial biofilms grown in the CDC biofilm reactor. These disinfectant products are primarily utilized in medical, pharmaceutical, and food areas to ensure thorough and effective disinfection.

Vegetative biofilm bacteria possess a complex extracellular matrix and are phenotypically different from free-floating bacterial cells (planktonic cells) of the same genotype. The primary purpose of using biofilm growth reactors is to produce biofilms with specific characteristics as per experiment needs.CDC biofilm reactors provide controlled and reproducible conditions for growing and analyzing their diverse characteristics. Biofilms cultivated in CDC reactors are representative of biofilms that grow under high fluid shear on surfaces favorable to biofilm formation.

Test Process of ASTM E2871

ASTM E2871 Test Method

  • Three treated (disinfectant) and three untreated (a buffer solution) are required for ASTM E2871 test.
  • Bacterial biofilms are grown on borosilicate glass coupons (biofilm growth surfaces) in the CDC Biofilm reactor.
  • Coupons are aseptically removed from CDC reactor and transferred individually into 50-mL conical tubes. 3 coupons are challenged with disinfectant samples while other 3 are exposed to buffer solutions.
  • All conical tubes are incubated at 20 ± 1°C for the specified contact time.
  • At the end of the contact time, neutralizer is added to each tube to stop further reaction.
  • In the next step, tubes are subjected to vortexing and sonication to remove biofilms from coupons.
  • Biofilm suspension is diluted, plated and incubated at 36 ± 2°C for 24 to 28 h to determine the number of viable bacterial cells.
  • After the incubation period, if the biofilm density is quantified as Log10 reduction colony-forming units per treated coupon. Product efficacy is subsequently expressed as a Log10 reduction of viable cells.

Importance of ASTM E2871 Test

Bacterial biofilm formation exhibits increased resistance to antimicrobial treatments and great potential to harbor in hard conditions. This in turn compromises hygiene and safety in critical sectors such as healthcare, food processing, and homes. It becomes imperative to use disinfectants that have the ability to target and destroy bacterial biofilms.

ASTM E287 describes a biofilm testing method for assessing the performance of disinfectants against bacterial biofilms. In other words, this method helps disinfectant manufacturers/ companies to improve their product’s performance and develop effective products that combat biofilms, thereby enhancing hygiene and safety standards.

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Furthermore, we offer ASTM E2799 test for assessment of disinfectant efficacy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm using the MBEC Assay

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ASTM E2871 determines disinfectant efficacy against biofilm grown in the CDC biofilm reactor using the single tube method. This efficacy test is designed to assess the Log10 reduction in viable cells when exposed to disinfectant within a closed system.

ASTM E2871 test is applicable for disinfectants having efficacy against bacterial biofilms, particularly those intended for use in medical, food, and domestic settings.

ASTM E2871 test takes 4-5 weeks to complete.

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