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ASTM D7855 Test

Determination of Mold Growth on Coated Building Products

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ASTM D7855 : 2013 – Standard test method for determination of mold growth on coated building products designed for interior applications

ASTM D7855 is employed to determine the mold resistance of coated building products designed for interior spaces.

ASTM D7855 standard employs an environment chamber to mimic the fungal growth conditions to determine susceptibility or resistance of coated materials to fungal defacement.

ASTM D7855 Test Method

  • Test samples of coated interior building products are challenged with Aspergillus niger and Penicillium citrinum through indirect inoculation.

  • Inoculated test specimens are placed in an environmental chamber equilibrated at 30 ± 2°C with a relative humidity exceeding 90%. The samples are incubated under these conditions for a duration of 4 weeks.

  • During the incubation period, proper supply of fungal suspension is provided within the chamber to ensure the mold growth.

  • After incubation, test samples are examined for the growth of fungi/mold.

Importance of ASTM D7855 Test

Rapid growth of fungus/mold on interior surfaces is a common phenomena that causes both structural and aesthetic damage to properties over time. The major consequences faced are end-user dissatisfaction and significant economic losses.

ASTM D7855 provides test procedures and specific conditions to understand resilience of coated building materials against mold defacement. This ultimately facilitates the development of products with increased quality prior to their market launch.

At MIS, we offer both standardized and customized ASTM D7855 testing, tailored to meet our client’s testing needs and requirements.

We are constantly betrothed in delivering quality services that encompass accuracy, precision, and  prompt turnaround times. With a  dedicated team of professionals and world-class lab facilities, we generate reliable and accurate test data.

Additionally, we perform the antifungal resistance of plastic materials employing ASTM G21.

To get a quote on ASTM D7855 test,  please contact our experts here.


ASTM D7855 test is designed to assess the capability of coated building products to withstand mold growth. ASTM D7855 test method stimulates real conditions for mold growth by utilizing an environmental chamber to determine resistance of the test sample to mold defacement.

ASTM D7855 test is applicable to interior coatings for buildings.

ASTM D7855 test takes 5-6 weeks to complete.

At Microbe Investigations, we test for ASTM D7855 using Aspergillus niger (ATCC 16888). Penicillium citrinum. Additional strains can be added as per customer request.

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