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Determine Bactericidal activity of Chemical Disinfectants and Antiseptics

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BS EN 14204 : 2012 – Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of mycobactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in the veterinary area (phase 2, step 1 test)

EN 14204 is a standardized test for regulatory approval of veterinary disinfectants that are intended to be sold in European markets. This test assesses the efficacy of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics against mycobacteria.

As a quantitative suspension test (phase 2 step 1 test), EN 14204 measures mycobactericidal activity of disinfectants in a suspension of test microorganisms and interfering substance.

EN 14204 Test Conditions & Requirement

  • Mandatory test microorganisms  – Mycobacterium avium (ATCC 157691)
  • Test temperature – 10°C 
  • Additional test temperature 4°C, 20°C and 40°C can be selected
  • Contact time  – 60 mins
  • Additional contact times – 1 min , 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, and 120 mins can be selected
  • Interfering substance:  
  • Low level soiling –  3g/l bovine albumin solution 
  • High level soiling – 10 g/l yeast extract + 10 g/l bovine albumin
  • Passing criteria  – Product must demonstrate >4 log reduction reduction (deactivating 99.99%) of the respective test microorganism
EN 14204 test process

EN 14204 Test Method

  • Test product is added to the suspension of test microorganisms and interfering substances.
  • Mixture is allowed to interact for specific contact times and temperature conditions.
  • At the end of contact time, a portion of the test mixture is immediately neutralized to halt the reaction between test product and reference micrograinisms.
  • The test microorganism recovered in the neutralizing solution is further plated and incubated to determine the number of viable microorganisms.
  • After incubation, reduction in viable microorganisms is calculated.
  • As a passing criteria, EN 14204 demonstrates that a test product must achieve at least 4 log reduction values against mandatory test microorganisms.

Importance of EN 14204 Test

Resistance of mycobacterial strains to available disinfectants presents a major challenge to achieve infection prevention in veterinary settings. Owing to their complex cell wall structure, mycobacterial strains are hard to kill. Disinfectant product evaluation is an important aspect  to understand product efficacy and scope of its improved performance before practical application.

Disinfectants claiming mycobactericidal activity should be tested using methods which are in compliance with international standards. EN 14204 is one of the widely accepted and used standards for evaluation of mycobactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in veterinary areas.

MIS offers a comprehensive range of antimicrobial efficacy tests for disinfectants used in veterinary settings, areas of human medicine, and domestic applications.

With extensive experience of microbiological screening and examinations of raw formulation and finished products, we provide customized solutions that are well adhered to international standards. We make use of the modern microbiological techniques and advanced technologies to ensure scientific interpretation of our test results are accurate and reliable.

Also check, EN 14348 is another frequency performed test method for evaluation of mycobactericidal activity of samples.

Looking for EN 14204 testing services, our microbiology team experts can provide you with all technical guidance and any other related concerns. Contact our experts, here.


EN 14204 is a phase 2 step 1 suspension test for disinfectants intended for use in veterinary areas. This test evaluates mycobactericidal activity of the test sample. For mycobactericidal claim, EN 14204 demands 4 log reduction of respective test microorganisms as a minimum measure of product efficacy.

EN 14204 test is applicable for veterinary chemical disinfectants and antiseptics products labeled with mycobactericidal claims.

EN 14204 test takes 4-5 weeks to complete.

At Microbe Investigations, we test for EN 14204 using the following bacterial strain: Mycobacterium avium.

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